Review: Saavy Naturals Yuzu & Meyer Lemon Body Cream with Shea Butter

       Hey guys, I've decided that I would like to slowly wing myself off of commercial Body care. I have always looked at it like this, a lotion is just a lotion, no big deal! Well guess what, it is a big deal, Why? Because your skin is the largest organ on your body and what you put on it can affect your skin big time. I'm a firm believer that you are what you eat, husband & Wife/business partners Hugo and Debra Saavedra have a background in food and understands that not only what you put in your body is important but what you put on the skin topically is just as important so they created the line Saavy naturals. They have 100% all natural, organic, vegan friendly, gluten free, soy free. non GMO and palm free products for the skin, like exfoliating scrubs, soaps, shower gel & Yuzu & Meyer Lemon Body cream with Shea Butter (shown above)

My Experience:

The product is 8 fl. ounces and comes with a pump which is convenient, retails for $12 which isn't bad at all considering this is 100% Natural. I have only tried the lotion so far and I must say that I love it!! This lotion has Shea Butter in it which is super moisturizing without being greasy, it's thick and creamy but absorbs so well into the skin and my skin is silky smooth all day with a nice glow, I may add(wink) You can use this from head to to toe without clogging your pores. The scent to me smells like grapefruit hence the word "Yuzu" which is also know as Japanese Grapefruit, it also has a hint of lemon, the scent is not too strong or loud which is a plus. I have a peace of mind knowing that what I'm putting onto my skin is super safe and effective.

Here are the first five Ingredients which is what the product contains the most of:

Aqua/Purified water, Glycerly Stearate SE, Simmondsia chinesis (jojoba) seed oil, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol 

I love any product with jojoba oil because jojoba oil mimics the body's natural oils and it provides so mush nutrients, softness & moisture to skin & hair. Glycerin is a humectant so it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere which is a plus for dry skin or hair. 

Here's where to purchase the Saavy Naturals products
 ----> Saavy Naturals Products

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